Road Alerts

Improve your equipment life and reduce operational costs with predictive road maintenance and management


Correct use of maintenance crews

Motor graders, water trucks and other equipment use fuel and other resources so they must be used correctly to ensure costs are not increased.

Road Design

Roads are a vital asset of the mine, and if they are corroded, they will negatively affect the performance of equipment and the number of tons moved in the mine.

Operational Expenses

Poorly maintained roads damage tires. As a result, trucks and other equipment need to use more fuel in order to perform evasive maneuvers. Spills, as well, become recurrent.


Cost reduction

Adequate road condition can increase operational hours of tires, decrease fuel consumption and increase overall equipment life.

Smart maintenance

When maintenance equipment is dispatched according to real-time reports on what is needed, field inspections are reduced, allowing key users to focus in more important tasks.

Protect your operator’s health

Better roads mean fewer bumps and accidents. Operators can focus on transporting minerals across the mine instead of worrying that a spillage may affect the trip.

Road Issues Identification

Road issues identification

Issues on the road are detected using sensors on trucks or custom hardware. Damage is classified in order to prioritize maintenance.

Maintenance monitoring

Maintenance monitoring

Maintenance equipment is monitored in real time, and a timeline is established from the detection of an issue to its correction.

Pattern analysis

Pattern analysis

Recurring zones are identified and specific patterns in roads are detected to give feedback to planning engineers about which roads needs redesign or improvement.

Alerts & Reporting

Alerts & Reporting

Real-time alerts are dispatched to maintenance crews if specific damage patterns develop. Reporting dashboard and tools provide clear insights on road damage and maintenance evolution.

How does it work?