Dust Alerts

Optimize water resources with real time dust monitoring and smart dispatching of water trucks & maintenance equipment.


Water usage

Water resources are limited, and have to be managed with measure in order to protect this resource.

Dust monitoring

Dust affects your operator’s health, surrounding communities and solar energy systems.

Irrigation schedule

Water trucks & maintenance equipment schedules are usually static, based on past experiences defined by the mine rather than real dust conditions


Smart irrigation

Using the precise amount of water needed based on dust concentration and traffic optimizes water management.

Autonomous & mobile dust monitoring

Using autonomous dust sensors mounted on mobile equipment allows mobile monitoring of dust conditions.

Smart dispatching

Using data collected by sensors, water trucks and maintenance equipment can be dispatched to specific zones that need treatment, optimizing their usage.

Mobile dust monitoring

Mobile dust monitoring

Dust monitoring hardware is mounted in mobile units in order to obtain dust measurement from all over the mine during the shift.

Smart dispatching

Smart dispatching

The system recommends the dispatch of water trucks and other maintenance equipment based on real dust and traffic conditions.

Traffic insights

Traffic insights

Information from dispatch/GPS systems can be integrated in order to perform traffic & dust analysis for better insights.

Monitoring Dashboard

Alerts & Reporting

A monitoring dashboard shows real-time comparable stats on dust, stations and traffic, as well as a recommended irrigation plan for current conditions.

How does it work?