Our Aim

To provide clients with alerts in real time on their employees’ vital signs, equipment status and environmental conditions.

Our Mission

By integrating our partner’s products with efficient software algorithms that allow us to alert undesirable patterns/behavior at the right time to the right people using our in-house developed, cloud-based solutions

A Big Challenge

Businesses are cluttered with sensors and systems that create a scattered operational ecosystem. They lack integrated event management, pattern analysis and interpretation to enable employees to make decisions with total insight of (a) what is happening at the moment and (b) how what is happening is impacting their operation.

Our Clients Challenges are our Goals

Pattern Recognition

Data streams generated by industrial sensors must be analyzed with smarter processes that optimize the work required by operators.


Effective correspondence is critical to business because real-time workflows enable companies to manage their assets with more efficiency.

 Event Management

Abnormal events must be managed with an optimized framework, providing more flexibility and less overhead.

Process-wide Correlation

Information and KPIs must be processed and displayed in an integrated environment so users can understand in more detail the context of operational events and emergencies.