Fleet Alerts

Manage your people‘s health and activate a new layer of performance opportunities for your operation.


Non-invasive health monitoring

Technologies need to be easy to wear, use and must not distract their users during the shift.

Continuous operation

The devices and systems implemented are designed to boost the user’s effectiveness as long as operational processes support the correct use of the system.

Change management

Key users inside the operation must guide the operators in the correct usage of a monitoring system, ensuring they take an active role in its success.


Improvement of operator's health

The management of operator’s vital signs and the identification of dangerous patterns in daily operations together guide operators on strategies to improve effectiveness.

New insights about operators

The correlation of different data provides a better understanding  of how operational conditions affect operators, and this knowledge helps supervisors make more precise process adjustments.

Increase of productivity and safety

Improved management of an operator’s health not only optimizes  productivity, but immediate alerts to health risks or abnormalities could prevent accidents, making for a safer work environment.

Operators Health

Road issues identification

Monitor operator’s health conditions with smart devices that transmit their vital signs in real time.

Equipment monitoring

Maintenance monitoring

Equipment sensors can be integrated in the system, providing real-time insights for operators and key users about their fleet.

Alerts & Alarms

Alerts & Alarms

Transmit in real time every critical issue that may lead to an incident or accident and provide workflow technologies to track real-time status of events as they are occurring.



Automatically create reports about the status of the fleet and its operators and send them to key users in the company.

How does it work?