Decision makers need to have alerts in real time to prevent loses instead of post mortem reports. Alert2Gain provides simple solutions throughout an architecture that combines proprietary algorithms/devices that allow our client base to prevent loses.



Innovation and adoption

  1. The over-riding goal of Mining’s research, is to develop breakthrough technologies and equipment for the mining industry
  2. To be successful, Mining needs to bring innovation to the market rapidly
  3. Industry involvement throughout the research process accelerates adoption of new Technologies – mining companies are educated and ready for change


  1. Targeted for meet mining Safety and Operational needs
  2. Improve safety, helps productivity
  3. Connection and control of mining processes across value chain
  4. Delivers framework for effective monitoring then mentoring

Key Features

Dynamic Patterns

Patterns are dynamiclly generated based on user data and employee‘s personal profilestory in order to minimize false positives. 


Wireless, Mobile or Mesh Networks are used in order to provide fast feedback to key users and operators.

Sensor Agnostic

Our system connects to vital signs on board the operator cabin in order to provide more insight of the equipment and the impact on its operator.

 Interfaces & Reports

Every interface is simplified and easy to use, maximizing the operation of its users and reducing the clutter that some systems offer to operators.