Roster Alerts

Understand how your operators are performing during shifts to better provide feedback about accomplishments and flag areas to improve.


Operator Behavior

Every operator has his own way to use his equipment, and while some respect good practices, others incur practices that damage the equipment.

Impact on performance

Bad practices can affect the mine’s performance, diminishing the amount of mineral moved and processed.

Health & Safety

Besides equipment, bad practices can affect operators because when equipment is not being used correctly, accident risk increases, and accidentss must be prevented at all costs


Improved training

Operators with improvement opportunities can be trained in specific elements of their procedures in order to enhance their rankings.

Increase commitment

Operators that maintain their quality can be acknowledged with public announcements and other benefits.

Increase equipment life

Good operation contributes to increase the life of equipment, reducing expenses and risks.

Operator Habits

Operator Habits

Our algorithms study the vital signs of the equipment and correlate it with user  information and GPS data to obtain key information about operator behavior.

Shift KPIs

Shift KPIs

Our displays show real time indicators about operators, including other production KPIs affected by their performance.

Industrial Hardware

Industrial Hardware

The display technology implemented on site is protected from dust and water and can be viewed under direct sunlight to maximize performance.

Real Time Notifications

Real time notifications

Managers can take action when operators carry out bad practices that can damage equipment or roads and affect company performance.

How does it work?