An AI+IoT-powered solution designed to increase the productivity and safety of your mine.

With BERTUS A2G, mining operations can regulate activities in real-time by using an autonomous identification of opportunities or smart alerts that prompt teams to take actions immediately—as soon as the same shift, and experience shows that quick, well-informed responses mean safer transport and greater efficiency.

If we act on opportunities at the right time, we can be more productive without sacrificing safety or the environment.

We achieve this goal by optimizing loading/dumping procedures and transportation variables such as truck speed, road conditions and environmental quality. Data from both on-truck AI-powered sensors and mobile video stations are integrated with energy-efficient AI for real-time analysis of the loading and unloading process.

Key users receive vital information through an IoT platform that performs machine-learning analysis, and when an incident needs immediate action, the alert, complete with analysis, autonomously connects with decision makers in simple formats.

Opportunities become alerts in real-time and information can be used as configurable real-time analytics by technical users.

Increased Productivity

With BERTUS A2G, one can identify which opportunities to be acted on during the shift, allowing supervisors and managers to fine-tune the performance of their loading equipment and trucks in a timely manner.

Increased Safety

Our AI-powered zone-monitoring kits can immediately detect when operators perform actions that affect (or potentially affect) the security of the operation, allowing supervisors and managers to take actions in the moment and prevent losses.

Performance optimization

It’s well known that operators may behave differently due to skill level, experience, personal characteristics and other factors. With BERTUS A2G, supervisors can get immediate insights when an operator is underperforming and diminishing productivity.

Increased Profitability

As one improves loading/unloading performance, road-quality management, air-quality conditions and speed, cost-per-ton decreases and with that, overall costs decrease as well.


A unique solution for common challenges in mining companies around the globe.

Our value proposition is to help increase the productivity of mines by automating the detection of opportunities for improvement throughout the mining process—from loading ore to maintaining roads to transporting and unloading materials—and then effectively communicating these opportunities to supervisors, dispatch teams and key executives.

With timely information, management can take preventive actions during the same shift, not days or weeks later after management review of shift reports. Optimizing equipment allocation, for example, or providing real-time feedback to operators to improve loading procedures or allocating road maintenance equipment have immediate consequences.

When those actions need to be performed, our solution notifies key users in a non-intrusive way, i.e. an automated telephone call with natural voice, a text message or, when technical teams require real-time management of fleet and operator behavior, a highly specialized dashboard. With our solution, workflows and notifications can be customized.

In addition, our solution can reduce the number of accidents with lost time and increase productivity of loading and transportation equipment. Expect smoother management of roads as those with deficiencies that generate loss of equipment control and long-term damage to vehicles can be addressed promptly before troubling issues arise. These simple changes have big impact: in a large mine, solutions like these can add up to a several million dollar profit each year.

BERTUS A2G is a collaboration between Alert2Gain Corp and Axion SPA, a Chilean company that provides high quality engineering services for mining and has an R&D department dedicated to create new hardware devices for improved operations.

You can learn more about Axion on their website