Water Alerts

Protect your water resources and optimize chemical dosing with parameter monitoring in real time.


Water quality

Water quality needs to be maintained in order to prevent diseases or contamination

On-time measuring

Traditional laboratory analysis overburdens monitoring efforts. Information must be available in real time so that key users can make better decisions on water management.

Correct use of chemical compounds

Dosing of chemicals must be regulated according to water’s current conditions.


Autonomous dosing

Through the correlation of monitoring stations, actuators can be added to dosing systems in order to automate operation.

Smart monitoring

Monitoring must consider perform pattern matching over different parameters in order to provide better insights about water.

Water cycle measurement

Sensors can be deployed across different points in the site water cycle, and patterns can be established to help prevent anomalies

Real time water monitoring

Real time water monitoring

Our solution monitors parameters from different sensors across your mine in real time.

Smart dosing

Smart dosing

Dosing systems can be connected in order to optimize the operation of water treatment processes across the mine, reducing the required time of specialists at the treatment plants.

Water cycle

Water cycle

Patterns and dashboards can be defined with an array of sensors over different stages of the water cycle, enabling key users to get a complete view of water in all involved processes.

Monitoring dashboard

Monitoring dashboard

Key users can access a monitoring dashboard that shows real-time information on water quality and dosing systems. Historic analysis for long-term planning can be accesed.

How does it work?